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Love the Animal – We be Veg, Love the Earth – We go green, Love the World – Save the planet By Supreme Master Ching Hai

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A Personal Perspective

According to Supreme Master Ching Hai that disasters happen are result of bad karma. Earth is in the beginning state of cleaning. More disasters will happen. Most recently, 7.6 magnitude earth quake stroke Japan on Jan. 1st, 2024. A new message from Mother Earth warn us human need to go vegan to help Earth heal damages to Her well being. Imaging what will happen with you and your hard earn wealth if disaster strike area in your home and world economy. What will happen if food are not available. So please help Mother Earth heal the damages cause by human activities. According to the message from Mother Earth, She will take action to repair damages if human don’t change to vegan life style by June, 2024. An exact date is 1.5yr from June, 2004. Take a few minute to watch the video clip on Supreme Master TV.

Many companies have family first policies. Would you be unproductive at work when a family member experience health issue. Some case you have to take off and care for your love one. Many documentary movies proved a plant-based vegan diet can improve health issues. My family practice doctor revealed to me that patients adapt a plant-based vegan diet did in fact improved his/her health issue. Her family adapted vegan diet and they has more energy. More energy will bring more productivity.

Most of us were raised up eating unhealthy. Some of us were not so lucky and end up have health issues. A plant-based vegan diet has been proved to prevent and some instant resolved chronic diseases. Dr. Campbell from Forks Over Knives said in his life time practice medicine nothing comes closed to the power of healing in plant-based diet. So why not give your family members strong immune systems to fight many diseases by adopt plant-based vegan diet. What you will gain is ‘A PEACE OF MIND’.

God gave us our lives and the right to live. We have feeling, family, and fear of being killed. So are the animal people. Animal people are here to warm our heart, keep us entertain, help us with maintain ecosystem, many instances help save life. There is punishment for mistreat animal people. Is killing animal is not mistreat them? What do you think? If you believe God creates everything on Earth, we should respect and cherish God’s gifts to us. The best way is adopt the plant-based vegan diet because it is not only preventing animal people being killed for food but save environment and our planet as well as lives on earth.

Many researchers agreed that animal farming is causing damages to our ecosystem, and cause climate change. They also found organic farming is the best way to sustainability. One best way to protect our planet is adopt plant-based vegan diet. Wouldn’t you think so?

Spiritually speaking none of religions approves or promote killing because we are all of God’s creations. So we are all connected to each other existence. A video clip on PETA.ORG hits the right spot, “ARE WE DIFFERENT?”. We have souls and so are animal people. Many true spiritual leaders are on vegan or vegetarian diet like Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Yogananda, Muhammad, etc..

How peace and vegan are related. Well, by consuming animal meat implies an accomplish of killing animal people. If you pay for someone to kill a being, wouldn’t that be committing a crime in human law. Every year billion of animals are killed for food. These are fish, cow, shrimp, chicken, turkey, etc.. This is a declaration of war against innocent animal people. Imagine that if human commit to a plant-based vegan diet, there would be peace because human refuse killing of any being in this universe. This will radiate so much love on our planet. It will elevate Earth and becomes a paradise for all being on our planet.

So please consider to adopt the plant-based vegan diet to save our planet and lives on earth. May God bless us human to save God’s creations – our planet Earth and beings on Earth.

For those are ready for spiritual journey a recommendation site is a meditation method called Quan-Yin which contemplating on inner light and sound. This is how you will learn to communicate with God.

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